last mile services for bulky goods

The specilazed home-delivery network for bulky goods delivery.

We at GOI GROUP perform every kind of deliveries, including heavy and bulky goods as it was a parcel; with same-day delivery, real-time tracking orders, sms notification to final customer and all the features you love when hiring traditional last mile services.

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Delivery with assembly

When we deliver furniture we also manage the assembly at
customers' address. But we also install the fridge, the washing machine, etc.

Bulky goods same-day deliveries

We provide up to 3 delivery time-windows and perform deliveries even on the same day, on selected zip codes.

Reverse logistics for bulky goods

In case a customer wants to return something, we will manage to collect everything and bring the items back to you.

Predictive technology

We rely on predictive technology to increase the efficiency of our deliveries.


What is big for others is small for us.

Traditional parcel companies consider packages over 30 kg and/or 1.20 meters in length as a bulky product.

If your company needs to deliver goods above this values, contact us as we are specialist on providing services  for goods that they are too big and/or too heavy for other courier companies.

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assembly & initial start up

Besides the delivery we perform the assembly of furniture and the start up for home appliances.

Assembly & Disassembly

We assembly the new furniture purchased and, if necessary, we disassembly the old one.

Initial Set up

We proceed to set up all the home appliances for the initial start up, perfectly ready for being used.

Removing the old

We remove all the old stuff and carry all to be recycled properly by an authorized agent.


We deliver to almost 11,500 zip codes in Spain.

Our nationwide network allow us to deliver to almost 11,500 zip codes in Spain, including Balearic Islands and Canary Islands.

Our transit times, depending destination, are from


We let your customers choose the delivery date.

Once an order has been schedule for being delivered, your customer will have the chance to accept the date and the delivery time window or to choose a new among the possible ones recorded on our system. Moving the delivery date and delivery time will be easy as pie just by clicking on an sms and selecting a new date directly from the mobile.


We plan routes with proprietary software and algorithms.

We control every single step on the delivery process in order to increase effectiveness and to provide you full traceability and key performance indicators about our service with you.

orderS integration

API integration with
your software.

You can directly integrate your management software with our systems, so that we can manage and plan your orders more efficiently and quickly.

In this way, through Web Hooks, we can provide you with constant updates on the status of your orders, possible incidents, as well as digitalized delivery confirmation notes, among many other features.


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