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Delivery Date & Time to be Choosen - SMS Notifications - Tracking Order Status - Service Rating

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Goi Daytime

Let your customers choose the delivery date & time.

Let your customers to be the ones deciding when to receive their purchases. We will ask them and plan the delivery according of their choice. Here is how it works, and everything happens on their mobile phone screen:

  1. Receive an SMS, linked to a website, to select delivery date
  2. Choose a delivery day from a list within next available days
  3. Choose a delivery time window

That’s it!

3 time windows

Select the time range better work for you

Mobile Friendly

Choose date and time for service on the go

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Goi Tracking

Your customers will be able to track the delivery status anytime.

Your customers will know exactly from the very beginning when to expect to receive their goods or when the service will be done. Also, they will be capable of tracking status anytime and will be contacted 30 min. before to let them plan their time.

  1. Receive an SMS, to know exactly the delivery date
  2. Track delivery status anytime
  3. Receive a phone call within 30 min. before our team arrives

That’s all!

Customer Service

Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 7.00 pm:

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Goi Rating

Let your customers say how satisfied they are.

To hear what your customers have to say is not just a good resource to improve our services but to provide you as well good feedback to have a clear view of traceability or to give your customers more reasons to love your brand when satisfaction is high.

  1. Receive an SMS, linked to a website, to rate the service
  2. Choose between two options to show your opinion

Shared Reports

Available satisfaction reports for clients

Stats Analysis

We analyze the stats to improve

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Choose Date

Customers can select day and time of their choice

Follow Up

View anytime what’s the current status

Rate The Service

Provide feedback to make us improve

No App requiered

No installation needed, just a web browser

No Sign Up

No log in or create account is required

Mobile Friendly

Customers can interact on the go

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