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Manage and Track Orders - Follow Up Incidences - Print Shipping Labels - Analyze Insights

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Goi Status

The managing solution for full traceability
  • Manage orders with us

    We provide full integration with your systems to make easier order management and status visibility

    Through GOI STATUS you will be capable of having the full view of your orders even before we start deliveries for having the control any moment.

  • Follow Up Incidences

    GOI provides a unique 7 days-a-week non-stop customer service from 9 am to 10 pm in order to sort out incidences. Our clients are always capable of following up incidences in real-time and which procedures we determine.

  • Track orders in Real Time

    Full traceability with GOI starts from the very beginning an order has been scheduled to be delivered or a service is planned to be done. GOI systems also allow our clients to be informed during services already en route or when an incidence occurs to peace of mind.

  • Download data on CSV

    GOI STATUS has been build intended for you to have full access to your orders info anytime anywhere. However considering spreadsheets such as Excel are common tools in every day's office work, you will be able to download a selection of orders and data usage in the best you prefer.

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Full Traceability

We provide traceability for a deep knowledge

Full Time Access

Get access from anywhere anytime

Full Transparency

Get all the records history

Goi Labels

Print shipping labels and cargo documentation for less
  • Print your Shipping Labels

    Manage and print your shipping labels at your own pace, from an easy-to-use tool to let you save money and time. With GOI Labels to print shipping labels is as easy as specifying the number of packages, weight and volume for your orders and our system will generate labels to be printed whenever you want.

  • Automate processes

    Once all the packages and orders are ready to be managed by us, collect all the items we must deliver in a single Bill of Lading to manifest cargo goods. Our system automatically will notify us what orders are ready to let us plan the best routes and schedules for delivery them.

  • Use a regular printer

    With GOI LABELS you will forget to expend money on specific printers such Zebra or expensive label rolls. Our system allows you to print shipping labels using regular printers with regular ink. Besides printer, you will save money with paper too, by using cheap and regular stickers on A4 format sheets.

  • Consult history any time

    Every time you collect orders to manifest them into a Bill of Lading, this documentation will be archived to be check in the future on both ways online and on PDF format, by downloading your digital records whenever you need them.

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Save Money

Print with regular printers, papers and ink

At your own pace

Decide when to manage and print your labels

Digital Records

Keep records for everything we manage

Goi Analytics

Have a full and clear view for all your logistics with us
  • View KPIs faster

    GOI provides you an easy-to-understand dashboard to quickly view the most relevant insights for all your orders managed by us. As a client you will be able to have instant access to relevant KPIs such Orders Evolution, Top Hiring Days or Top Delivery Cities among others.

  • Compare between dates

    GOI Analytics allows you to get data in-depth according to for the current day, the current year so far or even to select a date range to understand what happened in a specific period.

  • Get Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence means having a better understanding of processes, procedures or even how deliveries affect your business alongside the year. Business Intelligence is not about viewing data but having important info so you can take better decisions faster.

  • Analyze Insights

    We at GOI have selected for you the most relevant KPIs from your orders with us to let you analyze with no hassle important insights. You or your teams don’t have to do anything to get these insights, they will be always available at your account from GOI STATUS.

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Smart Visual Data

View Insights for interesting KPIs of your orders

Set Up Date Range

Select a date range to get selective data

KPIs by Location

Know which locations are more relevant

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