Brief overview for investors In the first half of the year 2019 GOI has shown solid growth, growing by more than 185%.

GOI is growing in net volume of business by 580% compared to year 2018.

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About GOI Business

GOI is the first logistics operator focused on the transport, assembly and installation of bulky products and our goal is is to develop a refreshed vision of logistics management, by not simply offering mundane services, rather introducing services that provide a competitive advantage with which customers can differentiate themselves from their competitors via increased speed to customer, enhanced communication and exceptional customer experience all while nd reducing costs in part due to reduction in failed deliveries.

We have 3 different business areas: Last Mile for Bulky Goods, GOI Installations and GOI Tech Services. We already have a significant track record of growth, and our clients are still requesting us for additional services on a consistent basis. This background is acting as a lever, which makes the growth forecasts attainable.

GOI's strategy for the next 6 months is based on solidifying the growth potential of our current clients and thus increasing sales while benefiting from the economies of scale that will contribute to the further reduction in costs. This approach will place us in a unique position to develop potential new clients portfolio through those who have already demonstrated interest in the services offered by GOI.

We have previously tested our scalable model by starting operations in Madrid, then we launch services at other locations. Nowadays our network is nationwide covered. However, GOI’s future is passing by for plans on internalization, scheduling for landing on Portugal and Mexico by 2021.


About The CEO


Yaiza Canosa

Ceo & founder

MBA from EUDE and training in ADE from the University of Coruña. Co founder of Glue, Cofounder of WINAZAR GAMES. She was Director of Operations at I like it solutions and Content Director at Meriendacena Producciones, with more than 7 years experience in managing teams, business development and product financing.

Recognitions from the press

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About C-Level

Nacho Herranz

Nacho Herranz

CFO & Partner

Eduardo García

Eduardo García

CTO & Partner

David Anson

David Anson


About the market

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