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FTL - LTL - Cargo at Return - Stock Storage - Cross-Docking

  • Goi Freight

We do road freight transport taking care of reducing costs and helping enviroment.

We optimize Road Freight Transport within all Europe destinations by planning routes not only to get destination but taking consideration on the return travel as well.

This approach by loading goods in Origin and in Destination let us to optimize the travel in both ways to reduce costs for clients and make logistics more efficient and respectful with environment.

Only Car Parks with CCTV

Customs Management

Most Europe Destinations

24/7 Assistment

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Goi Freight Services

  • Ftl

Full Truck Load services, assisted with tech and years of experience.

Let us know about your tenders and we will send you across a perfect offer that will match your needs.

Our Freight Services Officer has been involved on the sector for more than 15 years working at big brands within the logistics so you will be confident with all your goods being on the right hands.

On the other hand, you could also book on-demand transport with a great value for money service.

  • Ltl

Regular or on-demand routes with guaranteed capacities.

Every day our in-house teams work to plan routes, coordinate transport flows and guaranteeing capacities to provide confidence in all of the operations.

We also guarantee all the stops are taken on selected car parks, 100% safe with CCTV and when arriving at the destination we provide proof-of-delivery documentation with digital records available to be downloaded by you at any time.

We use technology to bring logistics a step forward.

GOI Freight coverage across Europe.

  • Cross-Docking

We offer Cross-Docking to consolidate transports and group deliveries.

With Cross-Docking we reduce logistics costs and become more flexible and agile to improve deliveries.

We shorten delivery times by this approach and optimize the workflow to keep excellence in all the steps involved.

For this duty we are assisted by our own proprietary technology, built in-house by our Tech Team which allows us to get more control over the processes and to reduce failures.

  • Warehouse temporally storage

We provide storage services for your goods when you need extra space.

Get benefit from our nationwide within Spain of all our hubs network to temporally get extra space to storage your goods.

We also offer to pickup all your goods to storage at our selected hubs and then transport everything or a part you will need to any destination, in Spain or across Europe.

We storage from pallets to bulky goods such appliances or furniture.

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