Assembly, disassembly & removal Beyond delivering, we do the assembly of purchased products. But we disassembly and remove the old stuff too.

Delivery & Assembly - Assembly or Disassembly only - Removing old stuff to a Recycling Point

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  • Delivering & Assembling

We avoid purchasing furniture turns into a nightmare at the customer’s home.

Sometimes, buying furniture can be a funny thing when we have time and knowledge for the DIY-assembly moment.

For a few assembling a sofa can be like building a puzzle for a hobby, but for most of us, this moment could turn into a nightmare, especially if you have to assembly the sofa, a bed and also an entire wardrobe for the bedroom.

Let’s our pros make it for your customers. First, we deliver, then we assembly. But what happens with that old couch no longer necessary? No problem, we disassembly as well and assembly the new one on its right place at home. This is an out-of-the-box service!

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Time Assembly

3 time windows available to schedule the assembly.

What do we assembly or disassembly?

Sofas & Armchairs




Dinner tables

Console cabinet


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  • Removing to recycling point

When something new comes, something old must go off, and it must be recycled.

Sometimes your customer hasn’t got spare space at home to keep away the old stuff after buying the new one.

In case these are a TV, fridge, washing machine, etc, the service includes by default the removal for the previous appliance, but we also offer as a service the removal for almost every kind of furniture your customer wants to get away, but only in case the assembly or disassembly service has been previously hired at least.

Then we will bring the undesired stuff to a recycling point!

These services fall within the scope of reverse logistics, as provided for and established by Royal Decree 110/2015, of February 20, on waste electrical and electronic equipment and Law 7/2022, of April 8, on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy.

  • Assembly or disassembly only

If your customer brings it to home, then we go to assembly everything.

Your customer has the choice to decide whether we transport everything, just a few items or even nothing, but requires assistance on assembly the new furniture after he/she brings it home (or disassembly the old, by the way).

This is a service we can also do. Instead of delivering at your customer’s place, we just send our pros after everything is at home to assembly or even disassembly whatever your customer needs help with.

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