The company overview GOI is the 1st logistics operator focused on the bulky goods, assisted by tech.

GOI is the first logistics operator focused on the transport, assembly & installation of bulky home goods at a national level within Spain, with the technology on our DNA.

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GOI’s goal is to develop a refreshed vision of logistics management for the bulky goods

We not simply offer mundane services, rather introducing services that provide a competitive advantage with which GOI’s clients can differentiate themselves from their competitors.

To do so we use algorithms to optimize processes, we analyze data and build propietary software in-house which permit us to improve the bulky goods logistics for the last mile home delivery.

Top benefits of our business strategy
  1. Increased speed to customer
  2. Enhanced communication
  3. Exceptional customer experience
  4. Reduction of costs
  5. Reduction in failed deliveries
The benefits of applying technology

15% More Efficient


Up to 25% less KM


1.887 Tm less of CO2


Logistics for the Bulky Goods’ eCommerce.

We are a global point of reference in a sector that has grown as shoppers get more comfortable shopping online for big objects that are too large for conventional parcel networks. We provide solutions your company needs to provide excellent services to your buyers.

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GOI embeds the supply chain with tech.

So far, clients with the need of moving their purchases of bulky goods had to hire unprofessional, subpar service offerings, which means a lack of measurement and tracking orders. GOI, on the other hand, collects data, analyzes records and applies algorithms to improve services day by day.

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Reducing costs due to less failed deliveries.

GOI aims to become the carrier for people introducing a new, much more effective, efficient, economical, speedy, customized, sustainable and professional system for the transport and shipment of bulky goods. With GOI the final consumer receiving their purchases the same day they buy them.

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Why GOI?

Efficient Deliveries

We use algorithms to plan efficient delivery routes

Assembly & Installations

Professional and skilled teams only. From planification to final installation

Customer Service

Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm

Value for Money

Cost reduction due to efficiency

Wide Network

1st specialized for last mile of bulky goods

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Leroy Merlin
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