GOI's Logistics Network GOI is the 1st nationwide logistics network specialized for bulky goods.

42 Hubs Nationwide - Light Trucks & Vans - 75 Employees - 400+ Collaborators

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  • Nationwide network for bulky goods

We reach everyone, everywhere within Spain

Traditional delivery companies are raising fees to discourage shippers from sending oversize items such as refrigerators through its parcel system, because their lack of an especilized network for bulky goods.

To solve this gap we at GOI have build the first network of its kind, focused on last mile deliveries for bulky goods.

To be more successful and able to cover more territory our strategy is based on both using assets of our own and collaborating with suppliers to build and control of a nationwide network.

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This is how our logistic model works at GOI

  1. Pick up at Client’s address

    We collect all the packages manifested from our client’s home city, no matter is a store or a warehouse, and transports everything to the GOI HUB in Madrid or a nearby hub from client’s location.

  2. We plan the routes

    We plan transportation routes to warehouses in nearby locations for last mile delivery. Then we transport orders to our primary hubs nearby to receiver’s location.

  3. We plan teams and times

    Before every route starts we optimize delivery routes to the final customer’s address by using our algorithms. Then, when a manager review everything is okay, we dispatch daily orders to teams.

  4. Last Mile services in motion

    We track real-time daily services, to keep records on performancing and to notify in advance to the final customer when our team will arrive with his/her order.




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Our network will let you offer affordable prices for all your customers like no other carriers.

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