Data-driven logistics We base our performance on data to improve services, to reduce C02 impact and to make save money.

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  • Data for improving services

We adapt bulky logistics to the new times

At GOI we collect all kind of data to improve services and take better decisions to bring better experiences.

Data comes from delivery processes, drivers performance or even the time we expend on assembling furniture among others.

Then this data is analyzed and considered to plan improvements and strategies, and not only is viewable by us but also shared with our clients as we take transparency matters like no others.

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  • Data for C02 impact reduction

The benefit of planning routes efficiently to preserve the environment.

Considering the need for transport and logistics nowadays, the need for optimizing routes is mandatory.

Terrestrial logistics currently represents 86% of the consumption of gas worldwide, and bulky logistics specifically represents 42% of the total.

However, every single route optimized is significantly equal to plant 86 new trees for each driver.

Be efficient today is crucial for tomorrow’s life.

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  • Data for Cost Reduction

Route Optimization Algorithms permits to reduce kilometers traveled and deliver faster.

Big Data has been especially crucial in the disruption of the logistics industry, allowing logistics companies such as to move packages faster and keep customers happy.

By collecting data we can to identify patterns in delivery times, to provide “transactional data” to better know what happens between delivery truck and customer’s doorstep or to know why some drop offs take much longer than others.

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How we do ?

Routing Algorithms

To optimize Routes

Data Collection

From Team Performances

Data Analysis

To improve strategies

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