Getting to the step door is the starting point.

We provide and enterprise-level fulfillment for logistics, from last mile deliveries, including for bulky goods nationwide, to road freight transport across Europe

And when we deliver furniture or home appliances we also do the assembly, installations or even removal for replaced goods.

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  • Last Mile For Home Delivery

A Unique Last Mile Network which includes bulky goods.

Traditional companies for home delivering are not prepared for delivering big products. At GOI we actually do.

We deliver bulky goods to the step door as light parcels were. Even on same day!

And we do so assisted by our proprietary technology, build in-house.

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  • Home Delivering with assembly & installations

When delivering furniture we also assembly everything.

Our Home Delivery Service for bulky goods could be Out-of-the-Box too.

We assembly the new furniture, disassembly the old one or even installing everything for the new kitchen.

Assembly Installations
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Cost-Effective Road Freight, thanks to reverse cargo.

We do more efficient Road Freight Transport because we emphasize on optimizing the return travel as well.

This unique approach not only reduce transport costs but it helps as well on sustainability for the environment.

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  • Stock Storage

Temporally warehouse storage when you need extra space for your stock.

Our nationwide hub's network can give your company an extra space to storage goods until everything is ready to move on.

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Goi Tech

Logistics assisted by proprietary technology
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  • Tech for your customers

Notifications, tracking and ratings: what buyers love, to let you build brand loyalty.

Customers nowadays are accustomed to being notified in advance when they will receive their purchases and have the chance of tracking orders to let them plan their day. All this is common when we talk about delivering parcels or food, but not so on for the bulky goods logistics.

We at GOI has changed this situation, bringing technology not just for our clients but for their customers too, improving the last mile delivery for bulky goods the way people use to buy nowadays.

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  • Management Assisted by tech

You will trust us because we trust on technology for full traceability.

Is not what we say, is about the complete traceability we will provide you.

We do logistics assisted by own technology, for intern management, being a data-driven logistics company, but also for your own managment and to deliver the best experience for your customers.

Our tech solutions will let you print your own shipping labels, follow up possible incidences in real time or to notify your customers when the delivery will take place, among others.

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orders managed

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  • In-House propietary software

API Integration for a quick and easy management.

Integrate your management software with our systems so we can quickly manage and plan your orders.

Then, via webs hooks we will update delivery status on your data base, incidences and also provide you with proof-of-delivery customer's signature.

Contact our tech team if you would need deeper information about the integration procedure or technical requirements for your teams.

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